Add-On Playstation Store

The PlayStation Store has a number of Add-ons available for download for Sports Champions. This is a list of downloadable content for Sports Champions.

To purchase or download this content, connect the PlayStation 3 to the Internet and log in to the PlayStation Store. These items can be found under "Add-Ons", then locating "Sports Champions" in the lengthy alphabetical list of games.

Haunted Pack Edit

The Haunted Pack consists of 3 new characters (Specter , Deadmund , and Numbskull), and a Haunted equipment for each sport. It costs $4.99 (US).


Reverse-Course Edit

The Reverse Course Add-on and let you play the Disc Golf courses backwards (swaps tees and baskets on each hole). It costs $2.99 (US).


Unlock All Edit

The Unlock All Add-on unlocks all bonus content (avatars, equipment, locations, outfits) in the original Sports Champions game. It costs $1.99 (US).


PSN Avatars Edit

There are multiple packages of Sports Champions images that can be purchased for use as your personal avatar on the PlayStation® Network. These include Avatars based on the ten Charaters and Avatars based on the six Sports. They cost $0.49 (US) each, or can be purchased in bundles.

The medals can be free and on the character selection screen if you complete all sports. 

Themes Edit

The Themes_Add-on provides Sports Champions background images for your PlayStation 3's initial menu screen. Some are free, cost varies.


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Specter and Numbskull fighting.

Gold medals 🏅🥇sliver medals 🥈and bronze medals 🥉are easy to get. If you complete all sports get the living legend trophy 🏆 you can get the medals for prizes and add on content.