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Beach Volleyball is one of six sports available in Sports Champions for the Playstation Move.

About Beach Volleyball

Sports Champions' Beach Volleyball event is a simulation for one to two players of a volleyball match between two teams of two competitors each. A single player may play a game with a game-provided partner against a team of two game-provided opponents, or two players may either compete against each other, each with a game-provided partner, or they may cooperate on the same team against a pair of game-provided opponents.

Game Play

Beach Volleyball may be played by one or two players. The game involves volleyball matches between two teams of two members each, with the game controlling the competitors that do not have a human player. With a single player, the match is played with a game-provided partner against a team of two game-provided opponents. With two players, the players may compete against one another or cooperate together on the same team. If they compete, the game controls a partner for each player; if the players team up, the game provides a team of two opponents. Each player may use one or two Move controllers.

The court area is flat and level and clear of obstructions, divided in half by a high net. The bounds of the court rectangle are marked.

One player serves the volleyball to start the game. The serve is performed from behind the back line, and must go over the net. Subsequent serves are hit by the team that won the previous point. Unlike real volleyball, where players on the same team alternate serve, if a player has a game-controlled partner, the player-controlled partner always serves.

The objective is to hit the ball over the net so to either cause the ball to hit the ground on the opponent's court, or cause the opponent to fail to hit the ball back over the net in the playing area. Each side has three hits to return the ball over the net, with teammates alternating hits. When possible, the teammates will try to use the first two hits to pass the ball between them to set up the third shot to their advantage, though if desired the ball may be returned over the net on any shot.

A game is won by whichever side scores the needed pint total. In Sports Champions, Bronze matches are won by 5 points, Silver by 7 points, Gold by 9 points, and Champion matches by 11 points (all win-by-two.)

Players have very limited control of the avatar's movements on the court during a point. The competing avatars usually move automatically to the ball. A serving player may position the player's avatar prior to the serve. For shots out of normal reach, the player must cause the avatar to dive and dig out the shot using the Move controller. The player may also initiate a leap up into the air with the Move controller, either to defend against a smash at the net or to hit the ball from greater height.


A Beach Volleyball player may use one or two Playstation Move controllers each. When two Move controllers are used, they are usually used together for two-handed shots, so control is not very different. Exceptions are noted below.

A player may serve overhanded or underhanded.

Volleyball tip underhand serve
An Underhanded Serve is performed by holding the T button on the primary Move controller, holding it down at the side, swinging the Move controller back and then forward in an underhanded arc. The direction of the forward swing determines the direction of the ball's flight.

An Overhand Serve involves a toss and a hit. The toss begins with the Move controller around belt height; the hit begins with the Move controller over the head (the Move controller must still be in the range of the Playstation Eye.) Players control the direction the ball is hit according to the direction they move the Move controller.

If the overhand serve is executed after moving the player avatar further behind the back line, it becomes an overhand Jump Serve, which has more pace but is more difficult to aim.

Volleyball tip hit
A normal hit of the ball is performed underhanded, with Move controller(s) held low in front of the player and swung forward in time with the ball's position. The direction of the swing determines the direction of the ball.

Volleyball tip set2
A player can perform a set shot by holding the Move controllers close together at shoulder height and then quickly moving them upward over the head in time with the ball's descent. Usually the set shot is to set up a better shot at the net by the player's partner.

Volleyball tip spike
If the ball is high in the air and close to the net, such as from a successful set shot, the game will automatically position the avatar for a spike (overhead smash) by having the avatar approach the net and jump into the air. The player completes the shot by holding the Move Controller over the head and swinging it forward and down in time with the arrival of the ball. The direction of the swing determines the location of the spike.

If the player wishes, the player may eschew the spike shot and simply tap the ball high back over the net by pressing the T on the Move controller and swinging the Move controller in an overhead shot. This is a good strategy if the opponents are out of position crowding the net, or if the opponent is well positioned to block the smash.

On defense, a player may anticipate an overhead smash by an opponent and jump up in the air to block the shot. This is done by quickly raising the Move controller(s) over the head, keeping them close together. The player can direct the arms to angle left or right.

Volleyball tip dig
On defense, a player may perform a "diving dig" to attempt to save a shot by diving low to the left, right, forward, or backward. This is done by quickly thrusting the Move controller low and to the left, right, forward or back, according to the direction of the dig.

Two Move Controllers per player

With two Move Controllers, the player designates one as the primary hand, left or right, before the match begins.

A player with two Move controllers performs an overhand serve by simulating the toss of the ball by moving the off-hand Move controller vertically and then simulates the hit with the primary Move controller held over the head and moved quickly forward.

Single Move Controller per player

A player with one Move Controllers holds it in the primary hand and tells the game which hand, left or right, before the match begins.

Volleyball toss serve1
An overhand serve involves a toss and a hit. The toss begins with the Move controller around belt height; the hit begins with the Move controller over the head. Players control the direction the ball is hit according to the direction they move the Move controller. With one Move controller, the player performs an overhand serve by first simulating the toss with a low vertical flip of the Move controller, and then simulates the hit by quickly raising the Move controller over the head and striking forward.


With a single player, the entire playing screen is devoted to that single player's view of the volleyball court and the other players. The game adjusts the viewing angle and zoom according to the position of the player's avatar and the ball, though the view is always from the player's side of the court.

With two players in head-to-head competition, a split screen is used to show each player's own view of the court.

Volleyball splitscreen2

When two players play together on the same team, they both see the same view. Each player's avatar has a colored ring around the feet that matches the color of the Move controller operating that avatar.

An avatar that is controlled by a player has a circle in the same color as the Move Controller ball surrounding their feet. (Note the violet and cyan rings around the avatar's feet in the above picture.)

Volleyball view timing ring
In Bronze and Silver play, when the volleyball is high in the air, such as for a jump serve or after a set shot preparing for a spike, the game provides a color-coded timing ring around the ball to aid in shot timing. An initial wide red ring gradually contracts about the ball, changing to green ring at the optimum height in the ball's arc for maximum power on the shot. (Left: Boomer illustrates timing a jump serve.)

Sports Champions provides visual clues for certain shots. When an opponent is about to jump up at the net and spike the ball, a faint luminous glow envelops the edge of the screen, providing a hint that the player might wish to block. When a ball is too far for a player to reach, a green arrow and distinctive low pitched sound appear as a hint to attempt a diving "dig".

Volleyball Courts

Sports Champions Beach Volleyball provides several virtual volleyball courts: A Beach (complete with palm trees and a volcano), a desert helicopter base, and a scenic island by a waterfall called "the end of the world", either in daylight or at night. The settings are cosmetic. Except for background, lighting and shadows, play is unaffected by the location.

Champions Cup

Mode champions cup icon
Champions Cup play consists of a series of matches of increasing difficulty pitting a single player (and a Playstation-controlled partner) against a team of two Play is organized in four tournaments of increasing difficulty: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup, and lastly Champions Cup. (That fourth Champions Cup round is only visible after it is unlocked by winning the Gold Cup.)

Each Champions Cup is a series of Beach Volleyball matches against each of the ten standard characters, each of increasing difficulty with the level. Each match must be won at least once to unlock the next match with a more difficult opponent, in this order: Dallas, Rin, Boomer, Kenji, Kat, a special challenge round, Belle, Connor, Giselle, Jackson, and Tatupu. A player must play a re-match against the current unbeaten Cup opponent until the player wins the match at least once. (It is not necessary to repeat earlier victories in a Cup tournament to earn a re-match for a loss, but player may return to any previously-won match, at any Cup skill level, for a re-match at any time by selecting that character as an opponent. Losing a re-match does not affect the player's tournament advancement or high-score for that round.)

Each Champions Cup Beach Volleyball match consist of a single game, except the tenth and final match of each Cup level, which is played best two of three games. Bronze Cup games are played to five points, Silver Cup games to seven points, Gold Cup games to nine points, and Champions Cup games to eleven points. All games must be won by a two-point margin. (If the match becomes tied at the target score (Deuce), play continues until a player gets a two-point lead.

After the fifth round of the tournament, there's is a special Challenge round; it is a shortened version of the Challenge Mode play, with the player serving at fixed and moving targets, and is played only to score points. It cannot be lost, but it must be completed at least once to unlock the next round (against Belle.)


Each victory in a Beach Volleyball Champions Cup match is given a point score, depending on a number of statistics for the player's victory:

Winning Time (A bonus for winning a quick victory, based on elapsed playing time.)
Acesx 100(A serve that is not returned.)
Spikesx 50(A smash shot from up at the net.)
Double team blocks.x 50A successful shot being blocked by the other team.
Diving Digsx 50(A defensive save of a shot right at the ground.)
Power Spikesx 25(A spike / smash at the net hard enough to generate the fiery ball.)
Tipsx 25(A shot from up at the net that eschews a spike shot for a tip over the head of the defender attempting to block the spike.)
Score Spreadx 150(The difference between player winning score and opponent's score.)
Difficult level bonus multiplierx 1.00 bronze

x 1.25 silver
x 1.50 gold
x 2.00 champions

Mutiply the numbers. And also, please add the medals.

Sports champions star
One to three Stars are awarded for each Beach Volleyball victory, according to the number of points scored in the victory. In Bronze Cup play, 1000 points earns two stars, while 1500 points earns three stars (any win earns one star.) In the Silver Cup 1500 points earns two stars and 2000 earns three stars. In the Gold Cup, 2500 points is required for two stars, and 3000 points for three stars. (The final match of each Cup, which is best two of three games, require a higher point total than matches 1-9.)
Sports champions 2stars
Sports champions 3stars
Bronze Cup matches10001500
Silver Cup macthes15002000
Gold Cup matches25003000

A three-star victory in a match unlocks a bonus outfit for the defeated character, and a player's overall Stars total counts toward awarding certain Sports Champions Trophies. A player may play a re-match of any Champions Cup match; the game only records the player's highest score and stars awarded in each match.

Victory Pose Photo

After winning all ten matches of any Beach Volleyball Cup, the Playstation will use the Playstation Move "Eye" camera to take a victory pose picture. A volleyball is digitally inserted into the picture in place of the Move controller. This victory pose photo may be ignored, saved on the Playstation, or uploaded to Facebook. A photo saved on the Playstation can be viewed by going to the Beach Volleyball Champions Cup screen for that Cup level (where the player selects the character and opponent) and pressing the square [] button. The victory pose picture may not be deleted, but it can be replaced by playing a re-match of the tenth round (against Tatupu), winning, and taking a new victory pose photo, which replaces the previous one.


There are four Cup tournaments of increasing skill level: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup, and finally Champions Cup. Each match must be won to unlock the next match in the tournament. Each Cup must be won to unlock the next higher tournament. Each Cup may be won by defeating all ten opponents (and completing the challenge round.) The Champions Cup round does not appear until the Gold Cup is won.

Bonus Avatar

Avatar bonus volleyball vivian lockeheart
Winning the tenth match (against Tatupu) in the Gold Cup unlocks the Champions Cup tournament. It also unlocks a bonus eleventh match in the Gold Cup against a new character, Vivian Lockeheart (and her partner Tatupu). The bonus match does not need to be played or won in order to continue to the Champions Cup play. Defeating Vivian in the Gold Cup bonus match makes the Vivian character avatar available for play in Free Play and other sports events.

Bonus Outfits

Sports champions 3stars
Defeating a character with a three stars victory in any Cup round unlocks an additional Beach Volleyball outfit for that character, color-keyed according to the Cup level. Unlocked outfits are available for that character in all modes of Beach Volleyball play: Champions Cup, Free Play, and Challenge mode. Each character begins with two volleyball outfits, called "uniform" and "casual".

A 3-star Bronze victory unlocks a brown "bronze" outfit, a 3-star Silver victory unlocks a blue "silver" outfit, a 3-star Gold victory unlocks a yellow "gold" outfit, and a 3-star Champions level victory unlocks a black "champions" outfit. Note the outfit is won for the defeated character avatar; so, to earn an outfit for your own avatar, you must defeat yourself with a 3-star win.

The player can cycle through available character outfits on the character-selection screen by pressing the circle O button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins.

Bonus Volleyballs

Certain achievements in Champions Cup play unlock special bonus volleyballs (in addition to the standard competition ball.) Defeating Kat (and her partner Belle) in the 5th round of the Bronze Cup tournament unlocks the "Happy Ball" (a yellow smiley-face.) Defeating Kat and partner Belle in the 5th round of the Silver Cup tournament unlocks the "Halloween Ball" (a jack-o-lantern.) Defeating Kat & Belle in the 5th round of the Gold Cup tournament unlocks the Disco Ball (mirror ball.)

Losing three matches in a row in Champions Cup play unlock the "booby prize", a Beach Ball. Finally, defeating the hidden Volleyball master, bonus avatar Vivian Lockheart, in the bonus 11th round of the forth and final Champions Cup tournament ("Platinum tournament") unlocks Vivian's own custom Volleyball.

Bonus equipment emblem happy ball volleyball
Bonus equipment emblem beach volleyball halloween ball
Bonus equipment emblem beach volleyball disco ball
Bonus equipment emblem beach volleyball beach ball
Happy Ball Halloween Ball Disc Ball Beach Ball
5th round Bronze 5th round Silver 5th round Gold 3 straight losses

A player can cycle through the choice of all unlocked balls for the match by pressing the X button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins.

Unlocked balls are available in any competition mode (Champions Cup, Free Play, Challenge mode.) The choice of ball is cosmetic only. Gameplay is not affected.

Extra Venues

Bonus Award Emblem for Location

Initially, Beach Volleyball Free Play can be set at the "Beach" or at "Headquarters", both in daylight. Winning the Bronze Cup unlocks nightime versions of those settings. Winning the Silver Cup unlocks "The End of the World" setting, both daytime and nighttime. The setting does not affect play, it is only cosmetic: Same rules, same ball, same net.

Free Play

Mode free play icon
Free Play mode allows casual Beach Volleyball play for one or two players. Each player must have at least one Move Controller.

If two players play together, they may either compete against each other head-to-head, with Sports Champions providing game-operated partners for each; or, two players may cooperate on the same team, which Sports Champions providing a team of two game-operated opponents. In head-to-head play, the game uses a split-screen to give each player a view from his or her own side of the net. The medal 🏅 that tatupu has in the champions cups can be also accessed to free play as well.

Volleyball splitscreen2

With two players, each of the players may select either Bronze, Silver, or Gold level of difficulty. Bronze and Silver levels provide some game assistance to make play easier for novices, while Gold level provides no assistance. This makes it possible for a more experienced player to provide a handicap to a less experienced player, by, e.g., having the better player use Gold and the novice player use Bronze.) In play against game-operated opponents, Bronze and Silver levels also provides easier opponents.

The player chooses specific setting for Free Play. Not all volleyball courts are available initially; some need to be unlocked by winning Cups in the Champions Cup. The "Beach" and "Headquarters" locations in daylight are always available. Nighttime versions of those locations are unlocked by winning the Bronze Cup. The "End of the World" location is unlocked by winning the Silver Cup.

Challenge Mode

Mode challenge mode icon
Beach Volleyball Challenge Mode allows a single player to test serving accuracy and speed. The player is presented with a number of targets.

Volleyball challenge

The player serves a volleyball (using the usual aiming and serving procedure) at any one of the targets. The player may use either underhand or overhand serves. If the ball strikes the target, it scores points and destroys the target. Serving the ball through the moving ring multiplies the score. When all targets are destroyed, a new set of targets appear. The objective is to score as many points as possible in the time limit. Sports Champions keeps track of the player's highest score. Please also, add Tatupu's beach volleyball medal.

(A time limit is not part of normal Volleyball play.)

Before the player can play Beach Volleyball Challenge Mode, it must first be unlocked by completing the special challenge round in the Champions Cup Bronze Cup tournament. That, in turn, requires winning the first five rounds of the Bronze Cup.

Beach Volleyball Trophies

Beach Volleyball Trophies
Over the Net Bronze Win a Beach Volleyball Match in any mode
Shutout! Bronze Win a match in Beach Volleyball without allowing your opponent to score a single point.
Beach King Bronze Get a score of 20,000 or more in Beach Volleyball Challenge mode.
High Five, Low Five Bronze Win a multi-player co-operative game in Beach Volleyball
Defensive Specialist Silver Make 50 diving digs and 100 blocks in Beach Volleyball playing Champions Cup.

Some achievements in Beach Volleyball contribute to all-sports trophies. (See complete list of Sports Champions Trophies.)