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Sports Champions begins by allocating each of the ten basic character avatars a choice of two outfits (clothing): A Standard Uniform which is tailored to each character's signature colors and adjusted for the sport. And a Casual Outfit unique to each character which reflects their personality, hobbies, or national origin (as well as reflecting each character's signature colors.)

Play in Champions Cup mode can win additional bonus outfits for each character. Each victory in Champions Cup play is rated from 1 to 3 "stars", reflecting how decisive the win and other demonstrations of skill during play. Bonus Outfits are awarded for three-star victories in each of the four Champions Cup tournaments: an orange-brown shirt for three-star victories in the Bronze Cup tournament; a blue shirt awarded for three-star victories in the Silver Cup tournament; a dark yellow shirt awarded for three-star victories in the Gold Cup tournament; and finally a black shirt awarded for three-star victories in the final Champions Cup ("platinum") tournament.

These bonus outfits are awarded per character and per sport. Each round of a Champions Cup tournament is played against a different opponent character avatar. A three-star victory awards the appropriate level bonus outfit for the character avatar defeated in that round.

Once a bonus outfit has been unlocked for a specific character avatar and sport event, the player may choose to use that outfit for that character avatar in that sport in any mode of play (Champions Cup, Free Play, Challenge Mode.) That choices made on the character avatar selection screen prior to starting play. The player can cycle through available character outfits on the character-selection screen by pressing the circle O button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins.

To see images of character avatars wearing specific outfits, choose from the categories below:

To see images of characters wearing the standard default outfits, choose from the categories below:

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