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The Champions Cup Uniform is one of four bonus character outfits that can be unlocked by winning victories in Champions Cup tournament play in each of the six Sports Champions Sports. Other standard bonus uniforms are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold cup uniforms. (The "Champions Cup" tournament is the fourth and final tournament of Champions Cup play and is not immediately visible; the final Champions Cup tournament for a sport becomes visible only after it has been unlocked by winning the Gold Cup tournament in that sport. The "Champions Cup" is sometimes called the "Platinum Cup" by analogy to the Trophy ratings.) Each of these four bonus uniforms consists of a jersey with a color distinct to the tournament cup level it represents, with the Champions Cup Uniform being black. The exact style of the uniform varies slightly from sport to sport.

The Champions Cup Uniform is unlocked separately for each of the Standard Character Avatars in each of the Sports. For example, earning the Champions Cup Uniform for Dallas in Archery makes that uniform available only to the Dallas character, and only in the Archery sporting event. Dallas's Champions Cup bonus outfit for Beach Volleyball must be earned separately, and the Champions Cup bonus outfit in Archery must also be earned separately for each of the other nine Standard Character Avatars.

Sports champions 3stars
The Champions Cup Uniform is awarded for a three-star victory over the Character in the Champions Cup tournament. (Each victory in Champions Cup tournament play is given a rating of 1 to 3 stars, depending on the margin of victory and other sports-specific skills demonstrated during the match. See each of the Sports descriptions for details on how matches are scored for that sport.)

If you win the champions cup you will be able to win all the medals that the characters wear around their necks in the sports. 

Sports Champions play begins with each character having access to two basic outfits:

Four other bonus outfits can be unlocked by winning victories in Champions Cup tournament play:

The player can cycle through the available outfits for characters on the character-selection screen by pressing the circle O button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins. Medals can be found by pressing the Square [] button.