Bonus equipment emblem tennis motion controller paddle

This category tags images of paddles that are used in Sports Champions Table Tennis sporting event.

Table Tennis play begins with the player using a standard paddle. Victories and other achievements in Champions Cup play unlock custom table tennis paddles. Defeating Rin in the 5th round of the Bronze Cup tournament (by any margin) unlocks the Tennis Racket paddle. Defeating Rin in the 5th round of the Silver Cup unlocks the Motion Controller paddle. Defeating Rin in the 5th round of the Gold Cup unlocks the Japanese Fan paddle. A Lolipop paddle is awarded as a booby prize for losing the same match three consecutive times. Defeating the table-tennis master ACE-8000 in the final Champions Cup (Platinum) bonus round unlocks the final bonus paddle.

A player can cycle through the choice of paddles for the character avatar by pressing the X button on the Move controller at the character selection screen before play begins. Choice of paddles is cosmetic only and does not affect play.

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