Avatar head giselle
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 165 cm / 5' 5"
Weight: 47 kg / 103 lbs
Home: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Strengths: Speed, Agility

Giselle is one of ten standard character avatars available for use, by players or as opponents, in Sports Champions.


Once an aspiring dancer, Giselle earned notoriety for the way she dances around the soccer field with her dizzying ball-handling skills. Widely regarded as one of the premier female soccer players on the planet, she is the only competitor to be sponsored as an official representative of her own country. Young, beautiful and accomplished, Giselle has virtually become an industry unto herself, and her superstar status has made her the face of young Brazil.

(The above information can be accessed from Sports Champions' character selection screen by selecting the Giselle character and pressing the triangle Δ button on the Move controller.)

Avatar emblem giselle


Giselle may appear in any of six outfits:

Standard OutfitsEdit

The casual and uniform outfits are always available at the start of the game.

Unlockable OutfitsEdit

Giselle has four bonus outfits which he wears when faced as an opponent in each sport's Champions Cup tournament, according to the current Cup level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Champions.

Sports champions 3stars
These outfits may be unlocked as a bonus for player use with the Giselle avatar. Scoring a three-star victory over the Giselle character in Champions Cup play awards the bonus outfit for that sport and Cup level. (Once unlocked in Champions Cup play, these outfits are also available to Giselle in Free Play mode.)
On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Giselle character, then press the O button to cycle through available outfits in the current sport.

On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Giselle character, then press the X button on the Move primary controller to cycle through available custom equipment for that sport.

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