Avatar head jackson
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 193cm / 6' 4"
Weight: 107kg / 235 lbs
Home: Brooklyn, New York
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Strengths: Accuracy, Speed

Jackson is one of ten character avatars available for players or as opponents in Sports Champions.


Jackson grew up a blacktop phenom in Brooklyn, New York and quickly found a name for himself with flashy basketball theatrics. Embracing the “anything goes” mentality of the playground, he makes a living by putting on shows from city to city in big money streetball tours. Although highly competitive in front of a crowd, Jackson is funny and engaging off the court. His laid-back attitude has earned him plenty of friends and admirers. Jackson sees the competition as the best way to break out internationally and build a brand around himself.

(The above information can be accessed from Sports Champions' character selection screen by selecting the Jackson character and pressing the triangle Δ button on the Move controller.)
Avatar emblem jackson


Jackson may appear in any of six outfits:

Standard OutfitsEdit

Jackson's casual and uniform outfits are always available at the start of the game.

Unlockable OutfitsEdit

Jackson has four bonus outfits that may be earned for each sport and for each Cup level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Champions.

Sports champions 3stars
These outfits are unlocked in Champions Cup play, independently for each sport, with a three-star victory over the Jackson character in each sport at each Cup level. (Once unlocked in Champions Cup play, they are also available in Free Play mode.)
On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Jackson character, then press the O button to cycle through available outfits in the current sport.

On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Jackson character, then press the X button on the Move primary controller to cycle through available custom equipment for that sport.

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