Avatar head kenji
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 175 cm / 5' 9"
Weight: 64 kg / 140 lbs
Home: Tokyo, Japan
Favorite Sport: Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing
Strengths: Speed, Accuracy

Kenji is one of ten standard character avatars available for use by players or as opponents in Sports Champions.


Kenji grew up fast on the streets of Tokyo, literally. He is an avid racer and tuner, and lives for the thrill of motorcycle racing. His knowledge of cars, bikes, and all things automotive is considered genius level for his age. This mix of racing talent and automotive know-how make for a winning combination that is tough to beat. Kenji's motivation for winning the competition is just like any race he wants to be number one.

(The above information can be accessed from Sports Champions' character selection screen by selecting the Kenji character and pressing the triangle Δ button on the Move controller.)

Avatar emblem kenji


Kenji may appear in any of six outfits:

Standard OutfitsEdit

The casual and uniform outfits are always available at the start of the game.

Unlockable OutfitsEdit

Kenji has four bonus outfits which he wears when faced as an opponent in each sport's Champions Cup tournament, according to the current Cup level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Champions.

These outfits may be unlocked as a bonus for player use with the Kenji avatar. Scoring a three-star victory over the Kenji character in Champions Cup play awards the bonus outfit for that sport and Cup level. (Once unlocked in Champions Cup play, these outfits are also available to Kenji in Free Play mode.)

On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Kenji character, then press the O button to cycle through available outfits in the current sport.

On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Kenji character, then press the X button on the Move primary controller to cycle through available custom equipment for that sport.

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