Avatar head tatupu
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 180cm / 5' 10"
Weight: 112kg / 248 lbs
Home: Apia, Samoa
Favorite Sport: Rowing
Strengths: Agility, Strength

Tatupu is one of the ten standard character avatars available for player use, or as opponents, in Sports Champions.


Tatupu believes deeply in the spiritual nature of his heritage, and despite many opportunities to leave his island for better fortunes, he chooses to stay. Proud of his Samoan background, he dedicates himself to preserving island culture and furthering his family's prowess in the sport of rowing. Tatupu sees the competition as a chance to use his skills to elevate the prestige of his home country and to provide a role model for the youth of his homeland.

(The above information can be accessed from Sports Champions' character selection screen by selecting the Tatupu character and pressing the triangle Δ button on the Move controller.) He also has a medal around his neck in beach volleyball. Him and his partner Jackson rock. But he does a special trick to spike the volleyball. This is how he does it. He first puts his hands up in the air. Next he puts them to the right hand side. Then he jumps and puts his left arm up. And then he spikes the volleyball. Last when he comes down he crouchs down like a ball.

Avatar emblem tatupu


Tatupu may appear in any of six outfits:

Standard Outfits

The casual and uniform outfits are always available at the start of the game.

Unlockable Outfits

Tatupu has four bonus outfits which she wears when faced as an opponent in each sport's Champions Cup tournament, according to the current Cup level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Champions. He also has a medal 🏅 with the outfits in his beach volleyball match.

These outfits may be unlocked as a bonus for player use with the Tatupu avatar. Scoring a three-star victory over the Tatupu character in Champions Cup play awards the bonus outfit for that sport and Cup level. (Once unlocked in Champions Cup play, these outfits are also available to Tatupu in Free Play mode.) Scoring a three star victory will also have the medals 🏅 in the character selection screen by pressing the square button.

On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Tatupu character, then press the O button to cycle through available outfits in the current sport.

On the Play screen before starting a match in any mode, first select the Tatupu character, then press the X button on the Move primary controller to cycle through available custom equipment for that sport.