I'm in the process of putting up the "badges" that award the various pieces of bonus equipment (bow, paddle, sword, etc.) Since those only appear at the time they are actually awarded, to collect the images I started over with all of Sports Champions (which is been kind of entertaining, once I got out of the beginners Bronze area.)

I know winning the final bonus (11th) round of the fourth champions cup tournament lords the bonus equipment for the master (such as "Frank's Golden Balls" for Bocce and "Titus's Flaming War Ax" for Gladiator Duel). I haven't collected all of those, at least not yet. (And with the video latency on my TV, I doubt I will ever get past the quick shot round of Archery in the Champions Cup final round.)

So, if anyone else happens to win these ultimate bonus items and can snap an image, please help out by uploading them! Thanks!