Any observer examining the updates I've made the past few days may be wondering what the heck I've been doing.

It's been really bugging me that the thumbnail image selected by Wikia to represent the six articles about Sports Champions' six sports were entirely bogus. Instead of choosing the first image on the page, which is a emblem for the sport, or even the second image on the page, which was a screen capture of actual play, Wikia was for some reason digging deep down into the article and picking purely decorative images, such as the x button or the "cup" or "free play" image, which are not specific to any sports and in fact appear on all sports pages.

After some investigation on and the help forums, I learned Wikia disqualifies an image from being a thumbnail if it appears on more than ten pages. Well, each of those "bling" images were already on at least seven pages (one for each sport, plus the front page.) So, I set about adding them to four other pages. It also turns out if you add the image to a redirect page, the image doesn't even show up, but it counts in the total references. So, that's what I've done, made updates that are invisible unless you look at the page source, but kludge Wikia.

So now, if you visit the Sports category page, all the thumbnail images are exactly the sports logos I wanted.

Such cheap hacks for my obsession.

-- G33Z3R 19:18, August 5, 2011 (UTC)