Last week we bought EA Grand Slam Tennis 2. That's EA's Move-compatible PlayStation 3 version of their tennis sim, and it is really a lot of fun! I heartily recommend it to fans of Sports Champions who are looking for good motion-controller tennis play.

I've said before that the original Grand Slam Tennis game for the Wii has been one of our favorite motion games (and really the main reason the Wii console is still in use since we got the PlayStation Move.) Grand Slam Tennis 2 for PlayStation is even more fun than its Wii progenitor, at least as far as the motion gaming control is concerned. It allows the Move controller to control a tennis stroke in something very similar to how Sports Champions 's Table Tennis allows you to control the ping-pong paddle, with control of direction, power, and spin all determined by how you swing the Move controller. (Compared to the earlier Wii version, the graphics are far superior, as you would expect, and many of the minor annoyances of the Wiimote controller (Such as the need for frequent "recalibration" and the physical cord that runs to the nunchuck.) are gone with the PS3 Move controller.

Last year, we were incredibly disappointed with both TopSpin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4 as far as use of the Move controller was concerned. Whatever the merits of those games, neither of them supported the Move controller very well, and so I was still using my Wii to play Grand Slam Tennis. I'm happy to say that I found a really fun motion control game for tennis on the PlayStation.